Shihab Shamma, Director

PhD, Stanford University, 1980

Dr. Shamma's research deals with the question of how the acoustic signal is represented at various levels of the mammalian auditory system. The research spans a wide range of disciplines and techniques, ranging from theoretical models of auditory processing the early and central auditory stages, to neurophysiological investigations of the auditory cortex, to psycho-acoustical experiments of human perception of acoustic spectral profiles. These studies complement each other in that theoretical models are directly based on experimental data, and in turn the models motivates the experimental paradigms and analysis.


Pingbo Yin, Senior Faculty Specialist

PhD, Institute of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Science, 1995

Pingbo's primary research interests focus on understanding the neural mechanisms that underlie auditory perception and memory. The fundamental questions pursued are: how the sounds are perceived in auditory system? How the sounds perceived are encoded into memory? And how the sounds encoded in memory affects the sound perceiving? The ongoing behavioral neurophysiology studies are focusing on: 1) Neuronal correlates of auditory stream segregation and top-down effects (such as attention, memory) on stream segregation in primary auditory cortex; 2) Neuronal basis of rapid STRF changes occurred in the auditory system during auditory pattern discrimination (such as melody or tonal sequence).

Daniel Stolzberg, Assistant Research Scientist

PhD, University at Buffalo, the State University of New York, 2012

Daniel is primarily interested in understanding the neural mechanisms of perception and attention in the auditory system and how these are affected by hearing loss resulting from noise overexposure, ototoxic drugs, and aging. To investigate these topics he makes use of several techniques, including operant behavioral training and multichannel extracellular electrophysiology.



Jaya Viswanathan, Post-Doctoral Fellow

PhD, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Toulouse, France, 2016

Jaya is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Institute for Systems Research (ISR). She joined the lab in April 2017. As a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory, she works on several projects investigating the neural mechanisms of auditory perception and behavior. During her PhD, she was trying to understand the neural networks involved in auditory learning and memory in humans (using EEG and fMRI). Currently, she’s trying to extend this understanding by conducting in-vivo studies investigating single neuron and population activity during task performance. More specifically, these projects are focused on understanding how auditory information is encoded and stored during/after learning, as well as understanding how computational properties of neurons change with context. She is also conducting experiments on imaging the auditory cortex using functional ultrasound.


Ali Ibrahim Mohammed, Post-Doctoral Fellow

PhD, Boston University, 2016

Ali is currently a post-doctoral researcher in Institute for Systems Research (ISR). He joined the lab in January 2018.




Vinay Shirhatti, Post-Doctoral Fellow

PhD, Indian Insitute of Science, India, 2018

Vinay is currently a post-doctoral researcher in Institute for Systems Research (ISR). He joined the lab in February 2019.




Neha Joshi, Graduate Student

Neha is currently a graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her interests lie in representation of human speech in the auditory cortices, specifically in the cocktail party paradigm and investigating the neural correlates of stream segregation in the ferret primary and higher auditory cortices. She is also interested in stream segregation and differential processing of streams for math and language in humans using Magnetoencephalography (MEG). In her spare time, she loves reading, exploring food and rock climbing. She joined the lab in Fall 2015.


Mohsen Rezaeizadeh, Graduate Student

Mohsen Joined the Lab in 2016 and is currently a graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is interested in how brain interpret the complex auditory information, e.g. music and speech in a cluttered environment. Mainly he is recording the activity of human brain using the magneto/electroencephalography (M/EEG) technique to address related questions such as investigation over underlying mechanisms of auditory source separation in the human central nervous system.


Kelsey Dutta, Graduate Student

Kelsey is currently a graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She joined the lab as a graduate student in Summer 2016.




Rahil Parikh, Graduate Student

Rahil is a PhD student at Neural Systems Lab and Speech Communications Lab at the University of Maryland. His research interests lie in the intersection of signal processing, machine learning and ‘AI for social good’. He is currently working on speech segregation and computational auditory scene analysis, speech synthesis, and speech production. In his spare time, Rahil enjoys hiking and rock climbing.




Lab Alumni:

Former Research Scientists:

Jonathan Fritz (1999-2019)

Former Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Diego Elgueda Gonzalez (2016-2019), now Assistant Professor at Universidad de Chile
Kai Lu (2011-2019), now Postdoctoral researcher, Emory University
Daniel Duque Doncos (2014-2018), now Postdoctoral researcher, IDIBAPS, Barcelona, Spain
Natalie Trzcinski (2014-2016), now Health Program Specialist at NIH
Bernhard Englitz (2010-2012), now Researcher at Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
Nik Francis(2012-2013), Now Post-Doctoral Researcher at University of Maryland
Stephen David (2005-2012), now Assistant Professor at Oregon Health Science University
Nima Mesgarani(2008-2011), Associate Professor at Columbia University
Mounya Elhilali(2004-2007), now Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University
Didier Depireux(1997-2001), now Assistant Professor at University of Maryland
Jonathan Simon(1997-2000), now Professor at University of Maryland
J. Lin (1997-1998)
K. Wang (1994-1997)
S. Vranic (1994)
P. Ru (1996-1997)
H. Versnel (1992-1995)
X. Yang (1989-1993)
J. Fleshman (1985-1989)

Former PhD Students:

Diego Elgueda (2016), Now now Assistant Professor at Universidad de Chile
Lakshmi Krishnan (2016), now at Graphcore
Sahar Akram (2015), now at Facebook
Majid Mirbagheri(2015), Now at Oculus/Facebook
Ling Ma (2010)
Yanbo Xu (2013)
Serin Atiani (2009)
Nima Mesgarani(2008), Associate Professor at Columbia University
Mounya Elhilali(2004), Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University
Taishih Chi (2003)
Nicolas Kanlis (2002)
Powen Ru (1999), now at Cybits
Anthony Owens (1997)
Nina Kowalski (1996), now at Nortel Networks
Kuansan Wang (1994), now at Microsoft research
Svetlana Vranic-Sowers (1993), now at Motorola
William Byrne (1990), now Associate Research Professor at Johns Hopkins
D. Lin (1993)
A. Teolis (1991) (Co-Advisor with J. Benedetto)

Former Master Students:

Wanyi Liu (2020)
M. Locastro (2012)
J. Tulsi (2002)
S. Sudha (2002)
C. Sundarraman (2000)
D. Rapczynski (2000)
Y. Gao (1999)
T. Chi (1996)
T. Denison (1995)
T. Edwards (1993)
K. Etemad (1992)
G. Chettiar (1990)
A. Teolis (1989)
K. Wang (1989)
G. Klein (1989)
P. Gopalaswamy (1988)
M. Ouzidane (1988)
J. Virdy (1988)
M. Fermelo (1988)
L. Sellami (1988)
N. Shen (1987)
F. Hadjistamatiou (1987)